Royal College
Old Hostellers Association

Welcome to the official website of Royal College Old Hostellers Association (ROCOHA), organization for past students who have been the boarders at the hostel of Royal College Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Principal's Message

Dear past hostellers of Royal College - Colombo,

Members of the Royal College Old Hostellers Association (ROCOHA) have been enthusiastically supporting this prestigious school to continue its unparalleled legacy. The hostel is a vital part of the school and its culture towards making it a national school.

While absorbing the talent from throughout the country, Royal College has been facilitating the students from outstation areas to continue their studies and extra-curricular activities by providing them accommodation facilities within the school premises. School hostel is not merely a place to stay for the students, but an oasis for the students from diverse backgrounds to develop their personality and create lasting friendships to become global citizens.

By implementing the projects with the support of its members worldwide, ROCOHA’s assistance to develop the facilities of the hostel, and the knowledge and the skills of the students of the hostel is much appreciated by your alma mater.

May you do well and be happy and healthy!

R.M.M. Rathnayake

Principal - Royal College, Colombo 07

ROCOHA President's Message

I take this as a privilledge to issue a message as the president of ROCOHA, a prestigious pool of human talent gathered from all over the island which has been added value at our common oasis the Royal College Hostel, now scattered all over the world.

ROCOHA has been striving to improve the camaraderie of our network using physical and online platforms during challenging times. Our effort has helped to improve the standards of the hostel which has been affected due to the pandemic and economic challenges. Also we have been focusing to make the association a going concern amidst the the challenges faced by developing succession to take it forward.

I urge all our comrades to rally round ROCOHA to cherish our memories, help each other and develop the hostel and the hosteller.

Stay safe! Stay connected!

Anuradha Kiralawella

(President - ROCOHA)